Boutique Hotel

Assemblage Staircase Gallery 

for Contemporary Art and Photography

Assemblage Gallery for contemporary art and photography is a dynamic and inseparable part of a new and unique boutique hotel located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The exceptional experience presented to our hotel guests and exhibition visitors is one of a kind thanks to the dynamic eclecticism that arises from the different parts of the hotel: a cafe-bar, a secret and magical backyard, and an art gallery.

The gallery was established in 2020 and is located in a 100-year-old strictly conserved building. The architectural design of the building from the beginning of the 20th century, both exterior and interior, is impressive as well as intriguing, attracting many visitors from across Israel and the world.

The staircase of our boutique hotel serves as the main gallery space with changing exhibitions, curated in direct relation to the hotel’s various spaces as well as to its permanent art collection.

The backyard also features permanent works of contemporary and exciting art and remains hidden from eyes of passers-by on the busy street of Allenby. Our yard is often home for cultural and musical events blending perfectly with the enchanting nature of the entire complex.