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Pan x Assemblage Pride Month
Pan Homo Art Gallery is celebrating 1 year with Assemblage Boutique Hotel’s Staircase Gallery during Tel Aviv Pride 2022
Opening Event: Wednesday 1/6/2022 @ 19:00
Assemblage Boutique Hotel
Allenby 48, Tel Aviv
Closing: Thursday 30/6/2022
The Assemblage art form emerged in the early 20th century, rooting from other movements, like cubism. The term was coined in the 1950’s by artist Jean Dubuffet, and the first works to be recognized as such were Pablo Picasso and George Braque’s 3D collages and sculptures, incorporating ready-made objects in the artworks, such as chairs and ropes, thus forming a new artwork from objects that were never intended to become art. Subsequent movements like Dada and Surrealism explored various possibilities of Assemblage.
The LGBTQIA+ movement is another type of assemblage: Every letter in this term represents a different independent identity, which never really intended to be put together with other identities, yet when put together it forms a new alliance. This new concept of the LGBTQIA+ community is often conceived to be an assemblage of ready-made identities which forms one community.
Pan Homo Art Gallery is proud to collaborate with The Staircase Gallery at the Assemblage Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv to present an LGBTQIA+ exhibition for Tel Aviv Pride 2022, curated by Erez Bialer. The exhibition will feature 18 artists from Israel and the world, assemblingl various artworks by Pan artists, celebrating one year of gay art, in oil, acrylic, photography, paper art, collages and more.
Participating artists:
Adar Yosef, Adrian Frejowski, Aviv Keller, Chen Tuby, Dror Amsallem, Eitan Kedmy, Elad Schwatz, Eyal Alef Ophir, Guy Yechiely, Hamodi Al Mahdi, Irit Rabinovich, Juan Boilero, Kate Zakharova, Michael Golian, Ori Paul Levi, Yanai Glickman, Yochai Matos, Zohar Kaniel
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