Hidden in Plain Sight
A group exhibition with the participation of 19 contemporary Israeli artists. The opening event of the first exhibition took place over the weekend of “Loving Art Making Art” in cooperation with the Municipality of Tel Aviv, which took place during the period between quarantines.
The exhibition considers the concept of assemblage in the broadest sense of the word. Starting with the art of assemblage, using everyday objects in the work of art that turns them into a three-dimensional work that gives a different meaning to the object. By thoughts about the assemblage (collection/union) of the personal opposite the world, about the individual, about our perspective over society, and society over us, about the urban in the presence of the organic, about nature and the image of branching of feelings and emotions which take place within us as individuals with many facets, feelings and behaviors that are also influenced by the outside as well as thoughts about society and the world.
Especially in this period, when the whole world is experiencing clear processes of change. A situation imposed on all of humanity while inflicting these processes, some visible, some hidden, some not yet known… depending on the perspective. The exhibition Hidden in Plain Sight tries to touch the places that raise questions, investigate, discover, and partly comfort itself by its existence in a space that represents transitions on the one hand and escapism of freedom on the other.
On Thursday, April 29, a gala event will be held to mark the last weekend of the exhibition at Assemblage Staircase Gallery. As part of the event, a musical performance will take place featuring world renowned bass player Barak Mori, who will also host the event, along with various musicians: Yuval Drevkin – saxophone, Eden Ladin – keyboards, Alon Binyamini – drums
Gala event: Thursday 29.4

Curator – Alvit Sharvit

Exhibition Catalog
For more information regarding the works in the exhibition and prices, please contact us at:
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