About Us

Assemblage Boutique Hotel is located at the heart of Tel Aviv, and within several minutes’ walk from the city’s coastline, at the edge of Allenby Street where the city meets Jerusalem Beach.

Our luxurious rooms are located inside a strictly preserved 100 years old eclectic structure, one of the most beautiful and special buildings from the early 20th century within the white city. The rooms have been designed in a pedant manner, and in a way that perfectly and naturally indulges on the building’s reach history.

Our 20 units of various sizes are mostly suitable for businessmen and couples, but we also offer rooms suitable for families. Our guests may experience our automated and advanced self-service check-in station and enjoy a variety of treats reserved only to vacations of unique and urban nature in a boutique hotel such as ours; overwhelming rooftop terrace with sea landscape; magical and spacious backyard, luxurious treatment room, and an overall warm and personal hospitality.