The Historical Building

The unique structure which previously served as the Jewish National Fund offices was probably built in the first half of the 20th century. In the building’s files there was no record of an application for permit, therefore, the architect who designed the structure is left anonymous to this day, and the year of establishment to informed speculations.

However, as the building was not seen through aerial photographs taken in 1924, and there were records found of requests for changes from 1926, the assumption is that the structure was established somewhere around the year of 1925.

The eclectic building is considered a borderline of the white city and is located within a strip of extremely impressive historical structures on Allenby Street. Its importance not only drives out of its architectural qualities, typical to the eclectic period of establishment, but also from its urban presence nearby important intersections, and its contribution to the urban continuity that is characterized by residential floors located above commercial spaces.

Old Tel Aviv